Running out of gas is a thing of the Past!

Ever have that sick feeling of running out of gas at 1 in the morning and don’t know where the next gas station is? K and G Cycles ( is happy to offer an inexpensive insurance for this situation. The REDA Gas Can is designed to work in most  OEM saddlebags. Your riding pleasure and confidence increases dramatically knowing you have an extra gallon of gas tucked in your bags in case you need it.  The number one worry of most riders is how”Do I have enough fuel to make it?” and “Where is the next service?” Those days are over!

The REDA Gas Can is an igoldwing redangenious invention that solves an age old problem that we have all had to deal with. Each can holds an impressive one gallon of gas and thereby extending your ride up to 35-40 miles, put one in each bag and you can go an amazing 70-80 miles down the road ! Custom made to fit perfectly right in that back, hard to reach corner of the bag, it takes up hardly any space at all. The REDA Gas Can is EPA and CARB certified, and meeting these standards makes this gas can 100 % vapor proof AND 100% spill proof, so there is no need to worry about fumes or gas in your bags. The Reda Gas Can was invented by a fellow rider passionate about logging a ton of miles and not wanting to plan rides based around fuel stops, Ron Reda couldn’t find a solution to the age old dilemma, so he invented the REDA Gas Can to help all riders heading out on long trips. If you have ever run out of gas you know how it can ruin your day and others you are riding with. Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials, the REDA Gas Can will give you the confidence and piece of mind to really enjoy the ride and not worry about where the next gas station is.

The Reda Gas Can, available from K and G Cycles ( is must for every motorcyclist out there. Pack 2 or give one to a friend because running out of fuel sucks, but thanks to Ron Reda we don’t have to.