S&S has done it again with its Easy Start Cams

   When it comeS&S logos to High Performance Engine Parts, one name rises to the top and for good reason – S&S Cycles. Known the world over for providing power increases with every install, K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is proud to be your online source for S&S products. Addressing a call eliminate the need for compression releases, the designers at S&S went to work to develop a Hi-Tech Cam that would start any engine regardless of displacement or compression ratio, with a stock starter.

   The most innovaeasy start S&S cams 10-7583tive S&S product since the Electric Compression Release System, these cams will revolutionize the start-up of late model big twin motors. These cams also install just as easily as non compression release versions and require no extra parts or machining! Available in both economical chain drive and rock-solid gear drive to suit your application. You don’t get caught “dead” without them! The heart of the S&S Easy Start Cam is a centrifugally retracted, spring loaded, compression release lobe that has been milled into the heel of each exhaust lobe. At cranking speeds, the lobe bumps the exhaust valve open slightly during the compression stroke, making the engine much easier to turn over. Once the engine fires and reaches 800 RPM, the lobe swings out of the tappet roller path, allowing the engine to run normally and with full compression.

   When you purchase a set of these cams in addition to the increased performance you also reap the benefits:

  • Start any engine with a stock starter.
  • Save your starter and battery!
  • Reliable – tested for 100,000 accumulative starts and over 150,000 road miles without breakage or compression release failure!
  • Automatic – no buttons to push

You were gonna install new cams anyway, S&S just made it easier with the Easy Start Cam. Say good bye to compression releases and hello to smooth easy starts. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com), your Performance Accessories Superstore, we aim to bring you products to simplify life and make the ride more enjoyable.