Saddle Shields bring good looks and Divert the Heat

   Imagine you are out riding on a sunny day and the temps start to rise. Your planned route has you sitting in stop-and-go traffic or it’s got you parked at that stoplight that seems to be ignoring you. The heat coming off your motor is just about unbearable, but what can you do? You’ve switched to synthetic fluids and you’ve noticed a few degrees difference. There has to be something out there that can make a difference. The Crew here at K and G Cycles ( knows exactly what troubles you, and we have the solution – you need to install a set of Saddle Shields on your ride.

   These air deflreflective smoke saddle shieldsectors mount easily to the frame and are built out of tough as nails polycarbonate. From industry leader Kuryakyn, these good looking saddle shields are perfectly positioned on the frame to re-direct the heat away from you and your thighs. This provides a remarkable reduction in the temps inflicted on the rider. I have these on my personal bike and I can tell you how effective they are. Though we aren’t experiencing record highs at this time of the year, last summer was a true test though. Running 3 to 4 hours at a stretch, on days where the Mercury was reading 90°+, I can honestly tell you having these Saddle Shields in place mad a huge difference in my comfort level. Designed to channel much of the heat away from the seat area, they delivered on their word and kept me cooler. Never being one to follow the norm, Kuryakyn wanted the shields to be effective and good looking. To achieve this, they constructed the covers from a Reflective Smoke colored polycarbon material that depending on how you look at it, can appear as a chrome or smoked shield. A functional accessory that adds some flair to your ride.

   Before your nexsaddle shields 2t hot weather outing, contact your friends at K and G Cycles (www, so you can pick up a set of Saddle Shields from Kuryakyn. You will be surprised the difference they will make, and you will wonder how you ever survived without them. Now you can enjoy your ride no matter how hot! Fitments available for Dyna, Softtail, and Touring models ranging all the way back to 1997 depending what you ride.