Saddlebags – Customization Simplified

Ness FillerYou just signed the paperwork making it yours, but it still looks like everyone else’s. Sure you can add some chrome, change the grips and covers, but so can they. Why not raise the bar and give your bike the one of a kind look you are looking for with a Fender Cover And Saddlebag Extension Kit available from the good folks at K and G Cycles ( ).

Giving your bike a custom look doesn’t have to give you or your wallet a headache. Top manufacturers offer many options for you to choose from including saddlebag extensions, full extended bags, and even filler strips to cover the gap between the fender and the saddlebag. One company even offers 2″ wider saddlebags, talk about a wide-glide. Arlen Ness, Klock Werks, Summax, Bagger Werks, and Stampede all have products available, making your transition from Hum Drum to Holy Cow so smooth with very little modification. These parts can give you a phat, slammed look without breaking the bank, making your bike unique and setting it apart from all the “other” Harley’s out there.

So when you feel the like making your bike become the vision in your dreams, give the guys at K and G Cycles ( a call and let them help you get started on the road to making that bike the envy of the masses.fender cover,