Saddlebags, Inserts and Luggage ! Oh My!

All too often our saddlebags are bare inside and don’t have any protection from the contents of the bag. Sharp edges, loosely packed items and the terrain we travel all add up to the need for some type of cushioning to soften the blow. Being motorcycle enthusiasts that we are, K and G Cycles ( searched for a way to protect the bags AND the contents. Well we were able to find a few solutions that can help you keep almost anything you put in your saddlebags safe.

To begin with wSaddlebag liners CC-15023 are a great addition to your bikee are going to take a look at Part # CC-15023 РCustom Gray Liners for your saddlebags. Not only do you gain added protection, you also upgrade they looks of your bags. These Gray liners with stylish Black trim give your saddlebags a finished look, install in minutes and are easily removed for cleaning. Fits all H-D FL Touring models with hard fiberglass  saddlebags. Saddlebags are expensive, and nobody wants to replace a saddlebag because they had something punch through the side. With the installation of these liners in your saddlebags you greatly reduce that risk.

Next in our assault oSaddlebag liners bbp-hdsl are removable luggage for your HD touring biken the saddlebags is removable luggage custom fit for your bike. With packing space limited, we tend to find the oddest spots to use as cargo space. Why should our overnight things get the short end of the deal and be stuffed in any spot the will fit? Your saddlebags no longer have to look like a laundry basket run over by a steamroller. Part # BBP-HDSL will take care of that. These saddlebag liners are just the right size for any touring motorcycle. Built to last, the liners are designed to make loading and unloading a breeze and are made of sturdy urethane coated weather resistant polyester. The convenient carrying handles make the liners a versatile and user friendly accessory for any saddlebags.

 You see, there is no reason you need to subject you or your gear to being beat up, stuffed, and unorganized. Pick up these liners for your saddlebags and removable custom luggage from K and G Cycles (www,, and tour with some organization for your saddlebags.