Saddlebags that were meant to be thrown around, I mean over.

   So another riding season is in the books! Were you able to take that special ride? Did you get all the accessories you wanted? Is there anything you would change? I know I would add more storage to my 2008 FXSTB (Nighttrain). So many times this past season, what I would have given for saddlebags. Just to be able to store the rain gear, a tool kit, or other gear that makes the changing weather more tolerable. You would think because I work at K and G Cycles ( I would have purchased them a long time ago. Nope, I like so many others, I too will deal with inconvenience before parting with the almighty dollar. That is until the situation gets so frustrating there is only one clear choice.

   After getting caught in nighttrain with bagsenough rain and cooler temp valley’s without the proper gear, I decided it was time to seek out a set of saddlebags. They had to be the right ones, compliment the bike, be big enough to hold the essentials but not too big that it compromises the lines of the bike. I started to look at everything we had to offer and eventually decided on a pair that fit the bill. One feature that really got me excited was the multi-layer closure system available with many of the Throw Over Bags. This consists of a zippered flap over the interior compartment, side snaps on the lid, and the dual purpose straps (the buckle and the clip). Talk about securing the load, Wow! These bags worked well for me and my needs. You know your storage needs. You know what you want your bike to look like. We’ve got saddlebags for almost every application.

   To keep the saddleblack stand offs CC-7331221bags out of the wheels, belt, fender, and brakes I also installed a set of Stand Offs. Now, these aren’t an absolute necessity, but they certainly help, especially when the bags are loaded. Naturally with most of the trim on an Night Train being black in color, I chose a black stand off so it could hide easier when the bags were off. Don’t fret though, stand offs come in Black, Chrome and Polished finishes to compliment almost any motorcycle well. The also come in application specific units as well a multi-fit units so whatever you ride, you can have the support you need.

   When you want to add saddlebags to your ride, make sure you take a look at the huge selection of saddlebags available from K and G Cycles ( Also don’t forget about the stand offs, they will keep your investment safe and damage free. Gaining effective storage space is as simple as contacting one our Customer Service Reps, we’re waiting.