Safety First – More Brake Lights for them to see.

Are you the proud owner of a 2012 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing? Do you feel it’s lacking in the brake light department? Here at K and G Cycles ( we feel the same, especially since increased safety is a concern for all motorcyclists. It seems odd Honda would not utilize the lower running light as a 3rd brake light as the light assembly is already there.

Add safety and visibility with this plug and play harness that delivers additional lighting for safety. Your voice has been heard because we now carry the Plug and Play harness that makes it all possible. Plugging into already on the bike points, this additional part adds a brake light function to the lower saddlebag light. With the addition of this harness, you will now have more light broadcast when you hit the brakes, making you more visible to traffic behind you. Part # BBP52-812 installs in minutes, and merely requires you to have (3) tools – a Phillips Screwdriver, a 10mm wrench, and a 6mm Allen Wrench to complete the installation. You have to ask yourself, “Is my increased safety worth $20?” Your only answer can be “Absolutely!”

In this day and age, with so many drivers distracted by all sorts of things, we have to defend ourselves as best we can, and if you ride a 2012 Honda Gold Wing GL1800 this wiring harness is a must have item. For $20 and less time than it takes to partake of a cold beverage, you can enjoy bigger piece of mind while you’re out enjoying the world from two wheels. Contact K and G Cycles ( today, and get your very own harness to transform that boring old marker lamp into a “Hey, look at me!” brake light and receive the attention you deserve.