Secure Storage Solutions when cleaning or servicing your Bike

Where do you store your Tour Pak when it’s not on your bike? What do you do when you take off your saddlebags when you are servicing your bike? K and G Cycles ( has the storage  solution to keep your hard bags and top case safe when they aren’t on your bike.

Part # 26775 is Tt-pak storage rackhe Tour Pack Storage Rack designed for service mechanics, crowded garages, households with pets or children and need indoor storage. This unit mounts to the wall and takes up minimal space, allowing you to utilize the floor space below.Created to last and withstand years of use this storage rack has some very notable features.

*  Uses your existing detach hardware to lock in place
*  Mounts confidently to your garage wall or entryway
* Instructions for wall mounting included
* Rack also has mounting location for detachable sissy bar
* Comes complete and is made from 1″ square tubing
* Cross bars are made out of 1/2″ solid round stock
* Entire rack is powder coated gloss black for durability and TIG welded for strength
* Rack is insured with manufacturer’s Product Liability Insurance

Additionally, this rack will also accept detachable backrests too.

Part # 26776 – Secure Ssaddle bag standaddlebag storage is a breeze when you employ the Saddlebag Service Stand, simply open the stand and voila’ your bags are now safe from the ground and out of harms way. We all know there will be the unexplained nick or scratch, but there is no reason to contribute to that.   Key features include:

* Compact and easy to use
* No assembly or additional hardware needed – just open stand and set saddlebags in place
* Stand is black powder coated for durability
* Allows you to Wash and wax your saddlebags on the stand

(Fitment note – Fits Big Twin 5 & 6 speed 1980-Later hard fiberglass saddlebags)

Keep your investment safe with these great storage racks available at K and G Cycles ( and rest easy when you clean or service your bike.