Securing your Saddlebags just got a whole lot easier Thanks to Brukus

   With the rise in Saddlebag Thefts around the country, the crew at K and G Cycles ( wants to give you a security option that will help you hold on to your belongings. Our search led us to Brukus Motorcycle Parts and their line of security products for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles. Wanting to have an option to removing the saddlebags and lugging them inside every night or having to have the spotter seat at a restaurant, the folks at Brukus set out to design a system that made sure your bags stayed put.

   Now anyone that owns anBrukus-saddlebag-secure H-D Touring Bike knows it is way too easy for someone to remove the saddlebags and be down the road in a very short time. Saddlebags Secure by Brukus was developed to put an end to this and let you rest easy when you park at a hotel overnight, when you go out to lunch or dinner, or whenever you leave your ride unattended. By removing the weakest link in the system (the twist pin) and replacing them with tamper resistant hardware, you now have a secure mount for your saddlebags. The only way to remove the saddlebags now is with the included Security Tool. Having a set on my personal bike, I don’t even think about them being stolen anymore. In addition, they qualify me for a discount on my insurance policy because they are considered an add on security device.

   The SaddlBrukus-logoebag Secure by Brukus is a phenomenal product to have on your bike, but there is one additional piece that can be added to your bike that creates even more of a safety net around your bike and its contents. The Ultimate Defender saddlebag lid lock. Just because someone can’t get your bags off doesn’t mean they won’t try to go through the bags anyway. That could be just as big of a disaster too because we tend to keep valuables in there as well as personal protection devices. The Brukus Ultimate Defender is an additional lock that installs on the saddlebag between the mount and the lid creating a wedge that does not allow the lid to be opened. When using the supplied security key, you can remove and install The Ultimate Defender with ease, giving you quick access while keeping others out.

   At Daytona Bike Week 2014 we were pleased to have the Factory Reps from Brukus in our booth. They answered a ton of questions from curious customers, demonstrated the effectiveness of their products, and provided many K and G Cycles Customers with added security for their bikes. While on location they even filmed a Demo film of their newest product, The Ultimate Defender, to highlight its effectiveness and what it means for you. Watch it here… Brukus Demo Video

   Let’s face it, theft is growing daily and the days of “Never touching someone else’s bike” are long gone.” Thieves are becoming bolder and will stop at nothing to get what they want. It’s time to do something about it and secure your belongings. Check out the entire line of Brukus Motorcycle Security products at K and G Cycles ( and STOP THIEF!