Security for Your Motorcycle is Top Priority

As we roll head long into the riding season, would be thieves pop up all over the place. By using simple security measures we can thwart a large number of them. At K and G Cycles we know being the victim of theft is never easy to deal with. Whether it is having a part of the bike or the entire bike stolen, it just plain stinks. I will show you today a few simple, effective ways to give you added piece of mind when you can’t be by its side.

rotor-lock   One piece of hardware in the line of theft deterrence is a Disc or Rotor Lock. The idea behind this security implementation is when a disc lock is installed, it prevents the wheels from rolling because you now have a lock on the rotor. Disc locks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functions, from your basic lock to one that resembles a grenade. All are capable of preventing all but the most creative crook. I do feel I must warn you, using a disc lock can take some getting used to as many have forgotten one was installed on their bike and have tried to leave. Well, you can imagine what followed. A lot of the kits come with a “reminder” cord that is bright orange and stretches from the lock to the handle bars to alert you the lock is still installed. Even if your lock does not include the reminder cord, they cab be purchased for next to nothing.

hitch-coupler-lock   Now for those towing a trailer, not only are you subject to the normal bike or bike parts theft, you have to factor in potential trailer theft too. Well have no fear because that has been addressed too. The TC3 from Trimax,  features a Triple plated chrome finish that provides additional security for your camper, boat or trailer by securing the coupler on your trailer tongue.  Another way to safeguard yourself is to use a high quality padlock on the tongue release lever. A good tip here is to try to use the shortest shank possible so anyone that should try to cut it, has a struggle.

  There is no reason to make it easy on those criminals that would like to make your bike theirs. Check out all of the security devices available for your motorcycle at K and G Cycles and tell them NO! Please keep in mind, no matter how much security you provide your bike , there are are always very resourceful individuals that will go to any length to capture the prize. In addition to the above mentioned Security devices, please use common sense when parking your motorcycle.