Security Measures

how do you keep your bike secure?With vehicle theft on the rise, what are you doing to keep your bike safe? I know what you’ll say, “My bike has a factory security system.” or “You need a key or a FOB to start it.”  Well just because the thief may not ride off on it, doesn’t mean they still can’t take it. Adding security measures that will thwart the best of them is as simple as installing a disc lock, which keeps them from rolling the bike. K and G Cycles (  doesn’t want you to be a victim, that is why we carry many different styles of locks that will help secure your ride. In addition we carry cable locks and even chain locks on steroids, and some locks carry an anti-theft guarantee reimbursement ranging from $1000.00 to $3500.00, depending on the model selected. Sure you may ask what makes a lock that safe, well many of them have drill proof or pick proof technology, braided stainless cable  making it extremely difficult to cut through, and by design offer little to no room for intrusion.

According to the NCB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) motorcycle thefts in 2010 (no data was available for 2011 or 2012) have decreased some 24% in relation with the figures of 2007. n 2007, 65,678 motorcycles were stolen, while in 2010, “only” 49,791 were nicked. Compared to 2009 there was a decrease (11% for 56,093 stolen bikes), but not as big as 2007. The busiest months for motorcycle thieves are typically  June, July and August. The top brands that were stolen: (1) Honda, 12,260; (2) Yamaha, 9,853; (3) Suzuki, 7,869; (4) Kawasaki, 5,470; and (5) Harley-Davidson, 3,301.

Here are a few helpful tips when out and needing to secure your bike or bikes.

  • Park as close to the front entrance as possible. This helps by placing the bike in the highest traffic flow, drawing attention if someone were to attempt to steal it.
  • If there is more than 1 bike, try parking as close together as allows, and if you can, secure as many bikes together as space dictates.
  • Use disc locks whenever possible as this may discourage many would be thieves. If they can’t roll it to the trailer or to the waiting rider, you have succeeded.
  • Make sure your insurance is paid and has ample coverage. There is no bigger disappointment than having to hear your insurance agent keep repeating, “That isn’t covered, that isn’t covered, that isn’t covered, …..”
  • Make good decisions – Don’t pick lodging in an undesirable area because “The Little Gnome got me a great deal.” Always employ anti-theft security measures. Don’t invite theft. When pulling into the hotel, don’t rev the motor, or crank the stereo, also don’t let them know there are valuables in the luggage. Don’t stow your gear when you are outside, wait till you get in to take off the riding gear. Be aware of your surroundings and who is there.

I know if the thief wants your bike bad enough, he won’t let much stop him, but there are many security measures available that can greatly decrease the risk of someone else enjoying your ride. Take a look at all the different locks K and G Cycles ( has to offer, and let us help you with the security to give you peace of mind.