See where you’ve been with Custom Mirrors

   It seems almost every place we ride there is a common requirement of at least one mirror on our motorcycle. This of course is geared towards making the experience safer by allowing us to see what is behind us. While most of us utilize a 2 mirror set up, there are many custom builds or modified bikes that use only 1 mirror. Whatever your application, there is a custom mirror available for you from K and G Cycles (

  Round and Oval mirrors techrome skull 34-0071nd to be the most common replacement style largely because it gives you the greatest viewing area and rarely distorts the images in the mirror. As the name suggests the actual reflective surface of this type unit is Round or Oval, but the housing and stem can be of varying designs. Depending on how much you want to customize your ride, there are many offerings that go well with a lot of the “themes” out there today. There are also many OEM versions of the Rounds and Ovals and we have a large selection of stock replacement units available too.

  Next in the line ublack mirrors 34-1838p is the Square or Rectangular mirror. As with the Round and Oval design, there were a variety of these boxy OEM units that came from Milwaukee too. There are is a wide range of replacement mirrors in this category too. Loaded with themed designs, there is sure to be one that works for your application.  Given the utility design of the Square/Rectangular mirror, many people choose to use one when they are fitting out a retro build or when only 1 mirror is used. Depending on the desired look, this style can be plain as a Vanilla Cookie, or as unique as a finger print.

  If you are lookiBlack Hills Billet Mirrorsng to take customization head on, you can order mirrors in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Whatever your fancy, Maltese Cross, Skull, Flames, Triangular, Axe Head, or even Spade mirrors, we can handle that for you. Though some of these seem almost like a novelty because the mirror surface is either so small or it has so many angles on it, actual image reflection would seem impossible. Staying in the custom arena, we include the functional mirror. This variety will include the lighted version and the gauge mirror. For those looking to increase their visual footprint, we offer LED mirrors. These will usually act as running lamps as well as turn signals to provide much more awareness for the other drivers. In addition to the LED lighted mirror, there is a mirror available that housed behind the reflective surface is a multi-function digital readout. This consists of a Speedometer, a Tachometer, an Odometer, and Trip Odometer. This mirror can prove to be very effective on custom builds and modifications when a bare bones look is desired.

  With a huge selection of mirrors out there, you want to make sure you take your time in deciding which mirror will work best for you. If you need a little help deciding, feel free to contact your friends at K and G Cycles ( We will be happy to help you realize your dream and supply you with the right accessories to make it happen.