Shock Me, Make my Ride Better

Shocks-CatNot quite flat-footed on your ride? Not getting that new bike ride anymore? Not happy with the profile of the bike? At K and G Cycles ( we have the answer to your problems. All of those questions can be solved with new, upgraded shocks and springs. Nowadays you are able to tailor your motorcycle to fit you and your riding style. OEM suspension set ups are for the “average” rider in regards to height, weight, and conservative riding style. If you need to lower your bike so you can firmly plant your feet on the ground, many companies offer quality shock kits that will lower your ride front and rear. If you are looking to lower the rear to give it a more aggressive stance, shock kits are available that will drop the tail ¾” all the way to 2.5”. Now if are looking to improve the ride and handling, there are numerous options that will have you riding more often on longer rides. K and G  Cycles( is here to help you get the most out of your motorcycle whether its lowering, profiling or upgrading so your miles turn into smiles