Show Your Pride

flag by k and gHave you always wanted to show your pride while riding your motorcycle? Sure it’s great to have a jacket or helmet that has Ole’ Glory plastered on it, but it doesn’t really flap in the wind and get the attention it deserves. The good folks at K and G Cycles ( ) wants to help you with your situation. We offer flags and poles with various mounts for whatever application you need.

Most flags are mounted on either the luggage rack of a tour pack, or end up on the antenna mount. We have available mounts for 3/8″  antenna bases, 1/2″ round bar which is typically tour pack racks as well as some luggage racks, and even a few passenger backrests. These kits come with heavy duty polyester flags that range from 5 1/2″ x 8″, 6″x6″, and 6″x9″ so everyone will understand just who it is you are supporting. It is no secret that bikers have huge hearts and their support of country is among the strongest anywhere, with a large number of them being active or retired Military, so it is never a surprise to see flags flying from motorcycles.

Having a way to show pride in your country shouldn’t be limited to the flagpole at the home, or by the clothes we wear. Make sure you aren’t a part time patriot and head over to K and G Cycles ( ) so you can pick up a flag for your motorcycle and let everyone know exactly how you feel, and make sure they understand who you support. You will also be sending a strong message of thanks to our men and women in The Armed Forces.