Simple Storage in the Dead Zone

How many times have you needed more storage on your motorcycle? A thousand? A billion? Well, your prayers are about to be answered because the good crew at K and G Cycles (www, has discovered a product the adds ample storage in one of the most unlikely places. The left and right sides of the console, on top of the fuel tank on a Honda Gold Wing GL1800.

great storage alteneatives for youf Hondsa Gold Wing GL1800As you know, motorcycling presents many challenges, and onboard storage is just one of them, that is until now. These great looking double decker storage pouches offer a surprising amount of storage for GL1800 owners. With a roomy, zippered main compartment with a handy secondary pocket on top you will be amazed at the additional storage capacity this console pouch has to offer. In addition to the 2 upper pouches, there is a lower drop down map pocket too. Manufactured in either Left or Right side models, this versatility allows you to choose the side that is more comfortable for you. For those looking to maximize storage potential, you can install both a Left and Right pouch doubling your available capacity. Measuring a whopping 14″ long by 6 1/2″ wide by 3 1/2″ tall, this beautifully crafted tank pouch follows the lines of your tank and is a great addition to your ride.

Part # BBP-H18LPD-2BK: Left Side Tank Pouch $54.99

Part # BBP-H18APD-2BK: Right Side Tank Pouch $54.99

Before this season gets in full swing, and you start complaining that your Gold Wing just doesn’t have that much storage, contact K and G Cycles ( and order your tank storage pouch or pouches today. Good looks, durability, and convenience all wrapped up into one package designed to give you more storage,