Slamming a Sportster the Right Way

You have logged the miles and know its time to give your Sportster’s suspension some attention. It is time to give yourself a better footing as well as a wicked stance. Your bike needs to be lowered, it needs to be slammed, but you don’t want to sacrifice any of the ride quality. K and G Cycles has the solution to turn your bike into the stunner it was meant to be. A Burly Brand Slammer Kit. A Burly Slammer Kit has everything you need in one box to get the job done.

Burly Brand Slammer Kit ,a great way to lower your bike and give it the attitude it deserves at a price you can afford.  No strangers to the custom bike world, Burly Brand has been at it for nearly 2 decades. With motor oil in their blood and a lifetime commitment to customs, they transformed simple bent tubing into chrome plated art and the Burly Brand was born.  Most Slammer Kits were designed to be as simple to install as possible, and include dropped fork springs and stubby shocks in one all inclusive and price-friendly kit. Most kits are also available in Chrome or Black finishes to suit your installation needs. The Slammer Kit does not require disassembly of the forks and can be installed with the front end still on the bike on most models. The entire Slammer kit is set up to go from box to bike in under an hour with just basic tools on Sportster. If you own a Sportster and want to give it an attitude that can’t be beat, lower it with the Sportster Burly Slammer Kit. This kit includes drop in fork springs for a simple 1″ or 2″ drop in the front and lowering bolts for the rear.

   So when you want to give your ride a whole new look, without spending a whole lot of money, and don’t want to be down a whole day with the modification, call K and G Cycles and get a Burly Brand Slammer Kit for your ride. You’ll be glad you did.