So your Bike didn’t come with Cruise?

How many times has this happened to you? You’re on that long weekend run and your hand cramps. You fall to pieces and riding is no longer fun. How about the week long vacation where you missed some of your planned route because the pain was too much? Or worse yet when you had the long arm of the law tail you for 10 or 15 miles? What you need is some sort of cruise control. You could spend a whole lot of dough and buy an elaborate set up, but what would that get you? I’ll tell you what, a big headache during the installation process. How about the bill from the shop you had to take it to and get it installed? All that does is cut into your ride time and your pocket book and we all know that is no fun. So you ask, ” K and G Cycles, what am I supposed to do?” The answer is simple, purchase an Econo Throttle Assist from us and your troubles are gone.

   When choosing the Econo Throttle Assist you are purchasing one of the easiest to install, simple to operate, and the most universal fit units available today. Sure this isn’t the fanciest, most expensive models made today. What you do get is a throttle assist unit that performs one function, and does that very well. Simply reach your intended speed, flip the switch, and voila’! You are now “Cruising”. With The Econo Throttle Assist from Kuryakyn, available from K and G Cycles you get:

throttle-assist-TR-496271•Allows you to relax grip on the throttle making pins and needles and fatigue a thing of the past

• Simplistic design focuses on reliable function over flashy complex styling

• Comes with a variety of interchangeable rubber inserts that allow it to be used with almost any grip

• Can be used on all 7/8″ and 1″ bars with OEM grips & aftermarket grips that have a minimum 1-1/8″ to a maximum 1-3/4″ outside grip diameter.

• Not for use with 1-1/4in. Bars

 Installing “Cruise Control” shouldn’t set you back an arm and a leg. It also doesn’t need major surgery to installed on your motorcycle. Easy, straight forward, and simple to use is the goal of the Econo Throttle Assist. This unit from Kuryakyn, available at K and G Cycles is easy to install and will leave money in your pocket for more adventures in the saddle.

Check out the informational video here: Throttle assist on YouTube