SOA Kicks Off on Sept 6th

Today’s SOA Update comes from our resident expert on the show, Kevin Plummer! Not only does he do-it-all for K and G Cycles, he shares the love for this series with our hardworking owner George Marakas!

from Kevin:

“Hey Son of Anarchy Fans!  Well the season opener for Sons of Anarchy Season 4 is just about to kick off on September 06, 2011!  This year there is speculation as to the truth behind John Teller’s death.   I personally feel that SOA is the best drama I have seen on TV in many years.  Several of the staff here at K and G Cycles watch SOA. Since I watched the first episode of the sons I have been addicted and watching the DVD’s non-stop for each season.  So if you are like us, you are hooked on this show.

Last year the boys went through a lot, Tara grew up a lot, and became a SOA princess, and really starting to fit in with the club more than she ever has. It was a great season and we’re looking forward to the next!

So who has any predictions as to what might happen this season?   Maybe a wedding with Opie and Lilla, Terra has a baby?   Lets here your thoughts, and your liking of the show…”

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