SOA Premiere – Did You Catch It???

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From Kevin: For those of you that are big SOA fans, I am sure you sat on pins and needles last night waiting to see ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 4 premiere, ‘Out.’  And looking to see what has  happened to our cast since we last saw them.   As you recall last season much of the Sons of Anarchy Motor Club, Redwood Original crew were hauled off to prison. Season 4 picks up fourteen months later, and begins with the release of Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Clay (Ron Perlman) and the rest of the incarcerated bikers. We see that Tara (Maggie Siff) has been raising Jax’ son Abel, along with their baby son, with the help of Jax’s mother Gemma (Katey Sagal) and the rest of the club. Life has gone on on the outside, but everyone is excited to have the club back together.

The show opens with the heads of SAMCRO leaving jail after being in a California lock-up for 14 months. Of course, it isn’t long before the Club finds out that as they are getting close to Charming that some things have changed since they have been gone. The new developments are not in the interest of the SAMCRO club.

Even though things have changed, new land development, a newer and larger police force, the SAMCRO club still feels they will do what they like, no matter what changes have taken place while they have been locked up in jail.  Jema soon finds out that her childhood friend and SAMCRO allie Police Chief Wayne Unser is now living outside of town in a small camping trailer with only a single marijuana plant to provide him company.  While the cancer is still causing him problems, he refuses to keep taking his medication, as it is too expensive and he can’t afford to purchase the medication as perscribed by his doctor.  With Wayne no longer on the Charming police force, the SAMCRO club is left to contend with Sherriff Eli Roosevelt, a man that seems to want to prove himself, and run his office by the book.  The new police force will try to “take down” SAMCRO, but I am sure it won’t be long before SAMCRO, like the town of Charming, will need to either evolve or cease to exist.

I was happy to see the cooperation and realtionship between Tara and Gemma continue to develop.  Gemma has had many years of experience being an “old lady” in the club, and she has made several tough choices over the years that have been for the better of the club, some of which we’ve seen over the last few seasons.  While Tara has been in Jax’s life for sometime now, she seems to have found her place within the club and in Jax’s life.

Another problem that the club faces, is that Jacob Hale has become the new mayor of Charming. He has moved forward in his development deal that he’s had planned for several years.  It seems that SAMCRO no longer has anyone within the Charming government that is willing to allow them to continue in their old ways of controlling the town.  As in all of the previous three seasons SAMCRO is once again against an enemy, and have several problems to overcome, and it’s up to the club’s leaders to solve all problems that arise.

This year’s opener also featured Kurt Sutter, as he is in prison and has to get some revenge for his beloved SAMCRO club, by shoving a scalpel into another russian prisoners ear, and then says this is for Jax Teller.

For those fans that have already seen the previous three seasons, I am sure you are going to like what Kurt Sutter has in store for this year’s season.