Sound Off with a Wolo Bad Boy Horn and get the Attention you Deserve!

How many times have you been needed to blow your horn and all you get is a weak cow or duck? Even at full strength, stock horns scream little more than “Um, excuse me”. Why not graduate to a horn that says, “HEY, HERE I AM, What ya Doin?” You can with the Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn, available at K and G Cycles (

wolo bad boy air horn The Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn is designed to make other motorists take notice of your presence, while adding a good looking chrome accessory to your bike. The Bad Boy will install on just about any bike with ease, and the results will blow you (and everyone in its path) out of the water. Take a look at the product highlights:

*Packs a whopping 118 decibels of sound into one compact package! The Bad Boy Horn is the latest in air horn technology… a simple 1-Pc. design with no hoses.
*Installs in minutes by simply transferring the factory horn wires to the compressor. Produces a powerful 530 / 680 Hz dual-tone sound at least two times louder than ANY factory car horn!
*Compact enough to fit in your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or any other 12V vehicle
*Two times (2X) louder than the factory horn
*Heavy-duty, maintenance-free compressor will provide the sound you want for years to come, and the mirror-bright chrome finish will add a little attitude to any ride!
*Installs in minutes
*LOUD 118-decibel two-tone sound
*Fits all 12V vehicles
*Mounts using a single included bolt
*Bright chrome finish
*Maintenance-free. 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 4 1/2″ h.

You can even check out a video of the Wolo installed on a bike – Click Here for Video

We all know how challenging riding can be sometimes, and to help us be noticed we need a little assistance. Don’t give them a chance to ignore us, install a Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn from K and G Cycles ( and watch your survival rate increase dramatically.