Special raffle for a Special piece for The Olympians

If you made it to Daytona Bike Week and saw us at K and G Cycles Thunder Alley, you know we had with us ArtbyDirt creator James “Dirt” Dorner. Being a huge supporter of Children’s Charities, Dorner created a sculpture designed after The Special Olympics Logo and donated it to be raffled off with 100% of the proceeds going to The Special Olympics. Although this piece generated a lot of interest, we did not manage to sell all of the 500 tickets available. Because we felt the need to present the full $5000 to the charity, we decided to offer the remaining raffle tickets online to those of you that weren’t able to make it to Daytona. Not only will you get a chance to own a beautiful one of a kind sculpture created from 100% American Motorcycle parts, you will also be helping out an amazing organization whose main focus is providing year-round training and competitions to more than 4 million children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics Dirt-RaffleArtbyDirt creator James “Dirt” Dorner is no stranger when it comes to charity, over the last 7 years he has created numerous sculptures that were donated specifically to Children’s Charities as well as Veterans Charities for them to raffle/auction off and in that time his contributions have netted those various charities over $60,000. When you purchase your winning ticket/tickets you will have the opportunity to own a fascinating piece of art, but better still your donation will help those Special Olympic Athletes realize a dream.

The Special Olympics “stick figure” is an abstract but humanistic form designed to convey the impression of movement and activity. The logo is a symbol of growth, confidence and joy among children and adults with disabilities who are learning coordination, mastering skills, participating in competitions and preparing themselves for richer, more productive lives. The spherical appearance of the logo is a representation of Special Olympics global outreach.

If you would like to purchase a raffle ticket or tickets please follow the link “ArtbyDirt Special Olympics Sculpture Raffle” and the instructions. As soon as the remaining tickets are sold the winner will be contacted and announced on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google + media pages. With the limited number of tickets remaining, they will surely go fast. So pick up yours today!