Spring Riding Can Get a Little Wet

What do you do when you are out riding early in the season and that bothersome Spring rain wants to go with you? Well normally you’d gear up and ride through, right? Sure you would, but fortunately you are far enough behind this one that all you really need to worry about is the water coming off the road. Now all you need to do is pull over and install your Pac-A-Derms and all is good. Nice Spring days can also mean rain at a whim so you need to be prepared, if not, you just might get wet feet.

pac a derms    Do you wish there was a way that you could add protection to your bike without breaking the bank? Do you want a quick installation accessory that offers some storage too? Look no further than K and G Cycles for the product you’ve been waiting for, Pac-A-Derms by Hopnel. Pac-A-Derms are an affordable weather and debris resistant shields made of heavy duty marine grade vinyl and feature corrosion resistant mounting hardware that mount easily to your engine guard in mere seconds. They give you added protection with a small amount of additional storage. Pac-A-Derms wrap around the the engine guard and secure to the frame to add a great amount of protection from the elements and road debris. They even accommodate highway pegs. When not in use, Pac-A-Derms take up very little room and store quickly. When the sun comes back out and the water has dried up, the Pak-A-Derms are easily removed and put back in storage. Stop by K and G Cycles and pick up your Pac-A-Derms to make your foul weather rides more comfortable. See fitment below.

Pac-A-Derm Metric Motocycle Fitment:

Honda VT750 Aero 2004-2007, Phantom, R/S, & Spirit C2

Honda VT1100 Sabre

Honda VTX1300 (1 piece)

Honda VTX1800 C/F

Honda VTX1800 N/R/S/T

Kawasaki VN900 Classic 2006 +; Custom 2007 +

Kawasaki VN2000

Suzuki C50/M50 2005- & VL800 2001-2004

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2008 ( not recommended with floorboards)

Yamaha V Star 650 Custom/Classic 1998-2009

Yamaha V Star 950

Yamaha V Star 1100 Classic

Yamaha V Star 1300