Spyder Owners now have a simple way to prepare for Travel

   As we get ready for the new season and all the adventures it holds, we tend to double check our luggage or lack there of. When we don’t have any suitable luggage or have recently bought a new bike, it is time to hunt for replacements. Can Am Spyder owners know this can be especially difficult because there is not much in the way of aftermarket accessories. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we want to prove that wrong so whenever we have an opportunity to add to our available parts and accessories, we do. We want you the to have the same opportunities as others.
BBP-HCFL can am trunk bag   More than likely your plans will include at least one trip that is more than a 2 or 3 day weekend and that definitely requires a proper way to pack. I know, you’re tired of trying to make all sorts of bags fit in the trunk and utilize the most space. Well those days are long gone! We’ve discovered a bag the was designed for Spyders and Spyders alone. The 1500 Front Trunk Liner by industry design leader Hopnel is a cost effective liner for the spacious front trunk on the Can Am Spyder. Chock full of must haves, The 1500 Front Trunk Liner (Part # BBP-HCFL) comes with a sturdy grab handle in addition to the 2 padded backpack straps to make removal and carry an easy task. The 1500 Front Trunk Liner measures a whopping 23” tall by 20 ½” wide by 13 ½” across, making it capable of holding enough gear for the long haul.
   Now that you know packing for that trip just got a whole lot easier, it is time to schedule more rides that will have you away for more than just a few days. Contact your friends at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) today and see how much easier your travels can become. The 1500 Front Trunk Liner from Hopnel, designed to make life easier.