S&S Cams: Budget Friendly and Result Driven Performance Enhancement

Just because a Harley-Davidson Sportster has an engine that is on the lower side of the displacement scale doesn’t mean you can’t have a performance motor between the frame rails. S&S Cycle has unveiled a new gear drive cam for 2000-2013 H-D Sportsters that by design is a simple upgrade netting horsepower and torque returns. As always, anytime S&S unveils a new product, K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) is proud to add it to their line up and make it available to you.

Here is the skinny from S&S:

S & S 428 CamsThe 428 Series of Cams are direct bolt-in upgrade Cams that can be used with stock push rods and valve springs. This equates to a fairly easy installation, while making them an economical choice, since there is no need to invest in replacement parts. In addition, the money saved in labor charges is quite substantial because the cylinder heads do not need to be removed to install new valve springs.

A great fit for stock 883cc and 1200cc engines, and an ideal application ideal for the S&S 883 cc to 1200cc conversion kit, the 428′s offer a great return on your investment. The best performance gains are realized in the 3500 to 6500 rpm range. Even though the 482′s have been designed for 2000 and later engines, they can be installed in 88-’99 engines with stock flywheels, provided a 2000-up pinion gear is used. MSRP for these killer cams is $299.95, a small price to pay for instant gratification.
428 cams dyno run*This dyno chart from the Dynojet 250i chassis dynamometer shows the performance of the S&S 482 cams compared to stock cams in 1200cc Harley-Davidson® Sportster models. In both tests the bike had an S&S Stealth air cleaner and a S&S Slip-on Performance Mufflers installed. The S&S 482 cams provided almost 5 more horsepower and 2 ft-lb of torque. This may not sound like much, but with a bike that light, and factoring in the dollar amount spent, these are huge numbers.

At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we believe stock is boring, so why not liven up your XL and order up a set of these phenomenal cams and see the difference they make. Giving you 3 of the most sought after features 1) Low Cost 2) Simple installation 3) High “Bang for your Buck” level. the 428 Cams from S&S Cycle are en excellent choice to improve the level of performance on your ride.