Stop Thieves with Brukus

Have you ever ridden somewhere, gone inside, only to come back and find thieves have helped themselves to gear stowed in your bag or worse yet, the entire bag or bags? Have you gone out to eat at a new restaurant and come out only to see your jiffy stand stuck in the new pavement?  Well there is a company that has heard your cry and developed a complete line of motorcycle security and stabilization products РBrukus Motorcycle Parts

Securing a motorcycle and its contents is not an easy task, one of the most vulnerable aspects of our bikes is our saddlebags. With no lock installed from the factory, thieves know if they are successful in removing the bags, the bounty inside could be worth more than the bags themselves. Brukus Motorcycle Parts available through K and G Cycles( offers saddlebag locks that fit Harley touring hard bags as well as soft bags, Victory hard and soft bags, and Yamaha too. In this video, a Brukus technician shows you just how quick someone can have your soft bag if you don’t have the security system installed. Scarey is the only word I can think to say. Especially since we all know what we keep in them.

In addition to the bag locks, Brukus has included in their line up products that keep the rest of your removable bike parts safe too. Do you have a detachable windshield? This is probably the easiest piece on a Harley to remove, and with many prices above $300, this is a heavily stolen item you can easily secure. Also available is a Tour Pack Bullet Secure¬† that allows you lock down detachable Tour Packs or detachable backrests and luggage racks. There is even a replacement Secure Seat lock system for solo or two up seats. Sure you may say to yourself, “This won’t happen to me.” but in reality, it’s just a matter of time. Criminals are becoming more daring and far less selective on who they victimize or what they take. If there is any value, you can be certain they will try to take it from you, don’t give them that chance.

I know you are wondering why I mentioned stabilization when all I’ve talked about is theft prevention, well, not only does Brukus Motorcycle Parts carry a remarkable line of security products, they also have a product available that is sure to be on every motorcyclists wish list. Kick Shoe is a thicker, wider “shoe” you place on your existing¬† jiffy stand, that is designed to stabilize your bike when parked on uneven or soft surfaces. Too often you have seen a motorcycle on its side on a freshly paved parking lot or field at a rally. Don’t let this be you. Kick Shoe is made of polycarbonate, ABS plastic , and capped with polished aluminum. Whether you want to keep your saddle bags or keep the bike from sinking into the ground, K and G Cycles ( offers the complete line of Brukus Motorcycle Parts for your Harley, Victory or Yamaha.