Street Legal Rocket Fuel – For your Bike

We all know the importance of Octane Rating and how it affects drivability and engine performance. Like you, all of us at K and G Cycles ( only want the best for our motorcycles, and when it comes to fuel, we always have some Rocket Fuel around to make sure the fuel we run is as good as it can be.

┬áRocket Fuel is not your ordinary fuel additive. For openers, it’s prohibited for use in cars by the E.P.A. It is only allowed in motorcycles like yours. One of the key ingredients is used in our nations liquid fueled rocket program as a flame propagator. It purpose – to even out the flame by acting like tiny spark plugs throughout the air-fuel mixture. The spark is furnished by suspended particles vaporizing as the flame approaches. This results in reduced smoke and increased combustion efficiency, hence more power released.

Octane Enhanrocket fuelcer
Pre-ignitions definition is “the uncontrolled burning during combustion”. Octane ratings predict how well fuel will burn without pre-ignition or knocking. A high octane rating does NOT mean more energy is contained within the fuel. To raise octane, oil companies must add compounds like alcohol, MTBE, or other oxygen laden aromatics, which burn easily but often have less energy. Rocket Fuel evens the burn, without diluting the available energy.

Piston and Valve Protectiontubes of rocket fuel
It used to be knocking meant the loss of power and the blasting of pistons to pieces. It still does, but today the anti-knock agents used in gasoline tend to increase the heat of combustion to temperatures, which melt valve seats. Valve seat erosion has been reduced greatly in the newer motorcycle engines by “No-Lead” valve components. Rocket Fuel has an ingredient which seeks out and coats metal that has reached a temperature of more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays on the metal, protecting to over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. When the engine cools, it flakes off and goes out the exhaust pipe. As you run your motor, you may notice a brown-red tinge inside your exhaust pipe, or on your spark plugs. This is normal and means Rocket Fuel is working. It does have a residual effect, the additive often carries over to the next tank of gas. Depending upon which and how much non-gasoline additives you received in your premium fuel, you may not need Rocket Fuel for every tank refill. But if you feel your motor is running unusually hot, has lost power, or is knocking and pinging, then it’s definitely Rocket Fuel Time!┬áRocket Fuel helps protect your engine while releasing full torque and power, without the need for any carb adjustments.

┬áRocket Fuel is a great way to feed your motor the right fluids and boost the octane rating. Part of riding is wandering the back roads and discovering more, and at K and G Cycles (www, we feel that is an important part of motorcycling. With that being said, you never know when it will be time for a fuel stop and you will certainly never know if they have Premium fuel. Rocket Fuel can remedy that situation, small enough to pack anywhere, but packs a big punch and delivers optimum torque and horsepower. Rocket Fuel – Don’t Ride from home without it!