Stronger, Lighter, Greener Alternative – The Earth X Battery

One item on a motorcycle we all dread replacing is the battery. There are many reasons why, but a few rise to the top. 1) We don’t understand battery failure. We know we never left the ignition on. We rode the bike more than just around the block. The one in my car lasted longer.  2) They cost a lot. It may seem like they are expensive, but when you break it down by warranty coverage, the average big bike battery is around $15 per month. That’s 2 trips to the coffee shop a month. 3) What do I need to do to get it replaced. This has several solutions. You could take it to the dealership, but that may leave you even more pocket poor. You could find an independent shop a “Buddy” uses. You could also replacement at home. All of these can add up to an uncomfortable situation.  Well, the Crew at K and G Cycles ( is here to remove some of the stress associated with battery replacement.

earth x ETX12A As with everything there is always an improved or updated model. Batteries are no different. Earth X Batteries are just that, a vastly improved, more reliable, lighter, compact battery. Earth X batteries are Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries and that translates into a whole load of features that benefit you much more than a lead acid battery. Right off the bat you will notice a price difference, sure, but when it is broken down into monthly cost during the warranty period it is a mere $14/month or less. You will also notice the smaller footprint. When I first saw them I could not believe how much smaller they were than a conventional battery. With that also comes reduced weight. Nearly a 75% reduction in weight was achieved. Even though it is a Lithium Ion Battery, because the folks at Earth X engineered the battery management system as an onboard feature, you can use a standard tender.

Some of the great features of Earth X batteries are:

  •  High strength plastic case
  • Lighter than Carbon Fiber composite material
  • Plastic Welding ensures water tight case
  • 80% lighter than lead acid batteries
  • Full 2 year warranty. No prorating
  • Effective operating range -30° to +120°
  • Sealed case allows unit to be installed at any angle

A benefit rather than a feature: With the reduced footprint, yet the same or more power, less of the battery box is used therefore if you are running auxiliary lighting, or tuners, the free space gained is a great place to stash the control modules for your lights and fuel management. Since these have a universal fitment, they have no left or right polarity. They also have the ability to be mounted in any position which is great for custom applications.

When it comes time to replace that battery, you now have an option. Earth X Batteries, available at K and G Cycles ( When you are looking for a longer warranty,  more reliable power, customizable fit, and considerable weight reduction, turn to K and G Cycles and Earth X.