Support The Pink – Breast Cancer

Supporting The Cause, seems to be an all too common rally call these days. We all know motorcyclists are a giving crowd and when we support something, we give it our all. Because we undoubtedly all know someone affected by Breast Cancer, why not take this opportunity to show everyone your support even when you aren’t riding. K and G Cycles has assembled some accessories that will show the world your support for finding a cure.

   Being a motorcyclist and having a Sister-in-Law having recently been diagnosed with the disease, I can tell you it is not easy to see the effect it has on her. She has courageously undergone surgery to remove the cancerous lumps, and prepared herself for reconstruction surgery, only to be informed she must now endure chemo-therapy. Being a bald man, I have accepted my fate, things could be worse right? Well, even though we are taught to believe the real person lives inside the shell we see everyday, it is much more difficult to convince a woman of that. Up until the point the Doctors told her she would almost certainly lose her hair, she was dealing with her situation with a good amount of composer. There are a few things women define themselves by, one of them being their hair. The idea of loosing her hair dealt a devastating blow that has scared her very much. Now I am not going to get on a soapbox and preach until I am blue in the face, but I do hope we all have chosen our Causes to support. I have realigned my supported charities with the present situation and wanted to share the Accessories K and G Cycles is proud to offer in support of Breast Cancer.

   There comes a dPink awareness mc cover BBP-4-444PC ay when we honestly care enough to keep our Bike, our Baby, our Investment covered protecting it from dust, dirt, water and more. We could buy any old cover, but since we are talking about supporting a Cause, why not purchase one that shows your support and is from the Premiere manufacturer of motorcycle covers Ultragard.  In an effort to encourage early detection, network support, and a cure for Breast Cancer, Ultragard has committed itself to help. In collaboration with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Ultragard has created a Limited Edition UltraGard Motorcycle Cover to help raise funds to support breast cancer research. Cancer has been affecting a lot of people, some of them even need HCA from While October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ultragard, in conjunction with participating vendors is now launching this Limited Edition line of covers with their own special Support The Cause box. This Limited Edition cover will be available in Medium Cruiser Cover, Large Cruiser Cover (with expandable windshield and sissy bar pockets), and Large Touring Cover. These Supporting The Cause covers are pink over charcoal with a pink ribbon noting your support. A portion from each purchase will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. The retail price has not been artificially increased, but is at UltraGard’s everyday low retail price.

   For those runningbreast cancer ignition cover a Touring Class bike, there is an accessory you can add to your bike that will remind you every time you start or stop your bike of your loved one. A finishing touch on any motorcycle, this Breast Cancer Awareness Ignition cover adds the final touch to your bike and hides the stock ignition switch with this very special ignition switch cover. Crafted from solid 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum and hand inlaid with Pink Mother-of-Pearl shell.  In a remarkable move by the manufacturer, 100% of our profits from this piece will be donated to charities to help find a cure for breast cancer. You get to customize your bike, honor your loved one, and essentially make a donation for The Cause.  Since they are available in Black Anodized or  Show Chrome finishes, there is sure to be one that flows well with your bike. (order Part#HD-BC-ING)

   Now we all know there is goiBCA bandanna TR-509236ng to come a point when you or the Breast Cancer Patient will need to go for a ride. Sometimes a bandanna, do rag, head wrap, or whatever you want to call it is what we want to sport, and now you can do just that with Flydanna’s from Zanheadgear. Emblazoned with various forms of the trademark Pink Ribbon, the Flydanna is designed to offer adequate coverage, sun block, and style while supporting The Cause. Even if you have a little secret of thinning or no hair due to therapy, you can still be “one of the gang” with your do rag and no one is the wiser. Check out Part#TR-509236!

   Lastly, everyone needs a GBCA Pink ribbon bell BEA1086 uardian Bell for their bike, and if your passenger has been diagnosed with, is a survivor, or going through treatments, what better way to show the love than getting them their own Guardian Bell for the bike (Part#HL-BEA1086). Legend has it the bell rings at such a tone while you are riding down the road, it annoys the Road Gremlins and they keep clear of your bike. The bells are said to ensure safe travels by warding off the evil spirits looking to harm us. Since it is supposed to be a gift, we aren’t supposed to buy it for ourselves, why not let your passenger know, you want to help them fight off the evil that has attacked their body. Sure its all about superstition, hocus pocus, and mumbo jumbo, but sometimes that is what gets us through the day.

    Even though Breast Cancer strikes men too, it seems its primary target is women. Until now, I had never witnessed the upheaval Breast Cancer can create in ones life. Emotionally, financially, and physically damaging, it is evil. That is why K and G Cycles proudly carries products from companies that supports research in an effort to one day finding a cure, and advancing the treatments so one day they aren’t so invasive.  I for one, know I will be purchasing one or more of the pieces above to show my Sister-in-Law I am here for her. Love ya Serbina!