More Support is on The Way! Stronger Upper Fairing Supports

   It is frustrating when we discover our Batwing Fairing Motorcycle from Milwaukee has broken fairing supports. What is even more puzzling is the fact the supports in question have been redesigned more than once and they are still having breakage issues. With as many potentially affected bikes out there, there needed to be a viable repair option so K and G Cycles ( set out to find one. Part # 31-0344 is a new kit to replace the weak supports with beefier, solid supports.

   When you pursupport repair kit 31-0344  chase this repair kit the first thing you will notice is the superior construction of the support brackets themselves. The included hardware is also a higher grade and includes lock nuts to ensure any movement is kept to the bare minimum. For good measure, the drill bit you need to complete the upgrade is even included. A rattling fairing is no fun for anyone so take matters into your own hands and bypass the weak factory supports that will fail again and again (we’ve been given reports of failure of the “New” and “redesigned” brackets as early as 5,000 miles after replacing them). So in addition to your 5K service, is it now standard fare to replace the fairing supports too? We don’t think it should be, and that is why we searched for this kit for you.

   It is time to take a stand and put an end to the excessive rattling for good. Installing a Batwing Fairing Upper Bracket Repair Kit is a sure fire way to avoid this. Everything you need to perform this upgrade is included in your purchase from K and G Cycles ( When you hit the road again, you will want to tell all your friends the difference your purchase made and just how simple it was. Contact us today.