Take it easy

We want you to take it easy this weekend! Let’s look at some new products designed to make your life just a little more convenient and help you take it easy.

Want to label your toolbox? Check out Z-Calz! These magnetic decals allow you to label your tools and give you the flexibility to reorganize at any point. Get jobs done easier and faster without having to open each drawer looking for a particular tool. Prices range from $12.99-$74.99 depending on the amount of decals.

The Tooljack is available in two or three shelf options. There are tons of accessories that you can add to customize your system. The Tooljack is made to be an indestructible and convenient way to keep tools at hand and organized when working on your bike.

Three words that describe our standard magnetic bar? Simple, simple, simple. Keep your most used tools at hand and free up counter space. Add it to your Tooljack or give as a gift- just $19.95!

Changing your oil is much easier with a Motorcycle Oil Drain Reservoir. This simple tool comes highly recommended and for $28.99, you can’t go wrong!

Motorcycle Hydraulic Standard Jackwill take your garage to the next level. Priced at $146.97, this standard V-lift features a 4 ton jack and 16″ height. It also has a foot operated pump and release mechanism.

Protect your back with the Smart Back Belt. After all, there is nothing more inconvenient than getting hurt. The only fully adjustable back support tool belt. Adjustable on the fly. Features smooth edges, stretch resistant materials, and CoolMax padding all the way around level! Our hook and loop closure system gives you the perfect fit every time. $44.96.

A tire repair kit will be your best friend and most worthwhile purchase ever… well, when you need it. This kit comes with insertion tool, plugs, awl,
rubber cement, and trimming. Just $35.99.

We’ve featured Bushwakkaswags in the past, but when talking about convenience, we can’t help but mention them again. What is a swag? Swags are sleeping compartments that are quick and easy to set up, self standing, versatile, durable and convenient to carry in a vehicle, boat, on a horse or bike. Ideal for any market that involves people stopping overnight for short stays, at low cost, in areas with no or limited facilities. The swag can be laid out on the ground, back of truck, inside a dwelling. Full setup requires a surface allowing pegs to be driven into the ground or a structure where the swag can be tied off to, eg vehicle, fence, bar tree. All swags are waterproof. $285.00.

Less cleaning means less hassle and more fun. A shelter will help keep your bike clean and underwraps until you’re ready to hop on it again. The Touring Model Speedway Shelter is a secure, enclosed motorcycle cover made by a team of dedicated professionals. This high quality, durable, motorcycle storage cover provides shelter for all types of bikes including Harley Davidson, Honda, BMW, ATVs and more. $399.95.

The Cycle Shade line is something everyone should check out. This handy cover protects your motorcycle seat from sun damage, moisture, bird droppings and sap. The Cycle Shade adds years to the life of your seat, keeps it cool, and looks cool! Put helmets out of sight and out of the sun. Deters people and kids from sitting on your bike! Rolls up small to fit in it’s own compartment. Made from quality materials. No cool down period for mounting Cycle Shade. Features high quality polyester that is water resistant, protects from the heat of sun, high quality bungy material for securing Cycle Shade to motorcycle, and polyester thread for longer lasting protection. Reinforced mount with rubber wrap to avoid scratching. Fastest shade on and fastest shade off. Sewed on attached storage pouch, never lose it. $44.95. Fastest shade on and fastest shade off. Watch this cover in action here!

As always, let us know what you think of these products! Leave a comment below and we’ll chat.