Take River Road to the corner of Comfort and Protection!

Where does River Road take you? With it’s “Drifter Jacket” available in Men’s or Women’s versions, the possibilities are endless. Traveling the open road in style and comfort, with the added bonus of an increased amount of protection is brought to you by K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com)

River Road isRiver Rd mens drifter TR-091773 a brand we all know and respect for giving us quality products that are affordable. Often to achieve this one aspect is sacrificed. That is not the case here. River Road understands the demand for top notch products that offer the rider great looks, superior fit, and the protection that only leather can give. Loaded with a slew of features, the Men’s jacket is available in even sizes 40-54. Here is what you will get when you purchase on if the Men’s Drifter Jackets from River Road:

* Quality, medium-weight leather provides protection and comfort  = a great summer riding jacket
* The distressed finish (as in many miles) has a great look and feel = timeless looks that set you apart from the crowd
* 2 front chest intake combination vents/pockets and 2 vertical rear exhaust vents keep you cool = true functionality
* 2 front, waist-level, on-seam zippered pockets to hold essentials = plenty of storage for all the little things
* The fully-sleeved, removable, insulated liner has a built-in pocket for most mobile devices = personal comfort is a zipper away
* 1 zippered placket pocket allows easy access to important contents = a secret place for those items that deserve privacy
* Snap closure tab collar provides a secure fit = a stylish way to provide an accurate fit
* Includes2-year manufacturers warranty  = what better way to stand behind the product and ensure customer confidence

 River RRiver Rd FM Drifter TR-091778oad also has available a Women’s version of this great jacket. Delivering the same great features and benefits found on the Men’s jacket, the only real difference is the Woman’s jacket is cut specifically for a woman. This isn’t just a smaller Men’s version, this jacket will fit her so well, she will want to wear it while she isn’t even on the bike. The Men’s and Women’s Drifter Jackets by River Road are designed to be worn solo or with your riding partner. Great looks, great feel, great construction, great features, and great price is what you will get when you purchase a Drifter Jacket by River Road.

 At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we like to give you the best bang for the buck for whatever you buy. Nobody likes cheap riding gear that you will have to replace after 1 season, and we don’t want to sell that kind of stuff. River Road Riding Gear comes out of the gate with a 2 year warranty that gives you peace of mind and lets you know you are purchasing some great gear from K and G Cycles.