Taking a Beverage with You – Motorcycle Drink Holders

   As motorcycle enthusiasts, we like to spend as much time in the saddle as possible. This means we will often ride from fuel stop to fuel stop with no breaks in between. This also means we aren’t hydrating ourselves like we should. Is it because there is no place to stash a refreshing beverage? Motorcycles don’t come with the standard 3 drink holders per occupant. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) wants to give you options for the rider and passenger when it comes to accessing a refreshing beverage while underway.

   Let’s first address the Rider and the choices available to them. There are temporary options, permanent options, and semi-permanent options available and they are priced for every budget.

  •    To start off we plus two drink holder 41110 bring you quite possibly the simplest and most affordable beverage carrier of the group (Part # 41110 ). A black, quick clamp drink holder from Plus Two Inc. is capable of transporting your beverage over many miles. With it’s patented non-slip secure clamping system, this holder will make sure your beverage stays in place and at the ready. Installation is so simple all you have to do is open the clamp, position it where you want, and close the clamp. The versatility is really what makes this unit shine. The drink holder will mount to almost anything, a circular, oval, triangular, rectangular or square fixture up to 2 inches thick so your mounting options are endless. It is also capable of carrying drinks up to 20 oz. making it the perfect travel companion. Add in the durable poly construction plus rust resistant zinc plated hardware and the service life has no end in sight.
  •    Up next for ykruzer-kaddy-quad-viewour consideration is Kruzer Kaddy line of beverage carriers. One of the most popular drink holders on the market, Kruzer Kaddy is designed to accommodate a wide range of installation choices: Handlebar Mount, Switch Housing Mount, Detachable Windshield Mount, plus one design even mounts on round or square stock. In addition to the many mounting options, you will have to choose from the multitude of finishes available – Chrome, Black, Leather, Camouflage, Silver Satin and more. The Kruzer Kaddy comes with foam inserts that allow you to haul up to a 20 oz. beverage and is also available with a 20 oz. Travel Mug.
  •    Though nbar bag drink holderot the most convenient for the rider, owners of Touring bikes that employ saddlebag guards can use these Left or Right Bar Bags and the supplied drink bottles to quench their thirst plus gain some storage as well. These handy pouches fit over your existing saddlebag guards and are secured in place by snap flaps. Each Bar Bag comes with a drink bottle and a built in storage pocket for those items you need to keep handy. If you choose to install left and right sides, you and your passenger can enjoy refreshments while out for a ride and add some stylish storage at the same time.
  •    Moving on tbone on the bikeo passenger convenience, we look between the seats and discover the Backrest Organizer from Bone Mountain. When the H-D Rider Backrests were redesigned and the storage compartment disappeared Bone Mountain set out to give Touring passengers the storage they had become accustomed to. Improving upon the original design, the Backrest Organizer was introduced and featured a drink holder pocket allowing the passenger to hydrate at will. Though not recommended for travel mugs (specially with hot contents) most 20 oz. Soda and Water bottles work just fine.
  •    As we travel ekuryakyn-t-pak-drink-holder  ven further back on the the motorcycle we notice a drink holder attached to the Tour Pack. There is nothing better than functional Chrome, especially since when it delivers a convenience for the passenger. Your passenger can now go the extra mile with the new passenger drink holders for the Ultra Classic. These non intrusive & easy to reach drink holders are ready for your favorite beverage. By using beautiful chrome plating that is durable & made to last, these passenger drink holders look as good as they work.

   Thorough enjoyment of your ride is now possible with drink holders for you and your passenger. With finishes to compliment your ride and affordable offerings in every budget range, there is no reason for you to become dehydrated as you ride. Check out all the drink holders we have to offer at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and enjoy a refreshing beverage anywhere, anytime.