The Best Reading Material-A Service Manual and Parts Manual

svc manualsHave you ever said to yourself. “If only there was some way to service my bike just like the pros. or “I wish there was someway I could know more about my bike.” K and G Cycles ( has the solution –  a Factory Service Manual and Parts Manual – These manuals are the same ones the pros at your local dealership use, there is no second guessing or wrong parts listings.

If you are wanting to perform any maintenance, a factory manual will provide you torque specs, correct fluid levels, and any critical information needed for proper completion. These manuals will also guide you step by step through any big repair you may be faced with. Again the manual will provide you critical information related to your task, and allow you to complete the job correctly. For about the price of an hour labor in most dealerships, you will have access to all the information you will need to keep your bike in top notch condition for years of trouble free service, all while keeping more money in your pocket.

So you bought a wrecked bike and want to repair it. You found that basket case at a swap meet. Now all you need is a parts break down to show you just what it will take to get that bike on the road. Pick up a Factory Parts Catalog and you will have it at your fingertips. Parts manuals are great to have because it will give you OEM numbers giving you the confidence you have bought the right parts. Whether you choose OEM parts, aftermarket replacement parts, or need to locate a restoration part, you will have access to the same numbers the pros use. Why not head over to K and G Cycles ( and pick up the Service manual and Parts manual for your bike so you can start saving time and money today.