The Custom Wheels on your Bike go Round and Round

When it comes to bike ownership, we all do what we can to make our own unique in some way, shape, or form That goes without saying when we have decided upgrading the wheels is our next step in customization. Today there literally thousands of wheel options for us to choose from so it is no wonder deciding which wheels to install on your ride can seem to take forever. Do you stay with the stock size? Do you go wider or taller? Chrome, Black, Contrast Cut, powder coated to match the bike, are all decisions you must make. I know, it sounds overwhelming, but your friends at K and G Cycles ( can help make your selection process a little easier.

Spoke Wheelsblack spoke wheel – You might ask yourself, “I already have spokes, why would I buy more spokes?” The answer is simple, there are many great looking spoke options out there. Spokes are a a bear to clean, but offer you a classic design with a ton of strength. Available in 40/50/60/ and 80 spoke versions, with regular, twisted , or fat spokes, and even offering rim and hub color options, spoke wheels seem to give a good reason to be considered when installing custom wheels on your ride.

Billet and Forgmetal sport wheelsed Wheels – This category is so huge, there is no way you can see everything that is available, but a brief overview should leave you pointed in the right direction. Ranging in design from mild to wild, most forged and billet wheels are constructed of aircraft grade aluminum providing unmatched strength and quality. With a wide array of finishes available, you can choose a one that compliments your bike whether it is a stock looking wheel with a little flair to the wide or tall or wide oversized wheel that gives your bike that one off look. Priced from affordable to WOW, custom wheels can set your bike apart from the crowd.

Deciding which wheels to go with boils down to the look and stance you want for your bike, or a better way to phrase it – Attitude. Stylin’ and Profilin” is a mere phone call away when you hit up the gang at K and G Cycles( and order up your “Attitude Adjustment”. Don’t forget to take it over the top with matching rotors and pulleys.