The Customizing never Stops! Gold Wing Chrome Cowls

   Do you own a Honda GL1800 (Gold Wing)  and want to personalize it? One of the easiest ways to give your Wing a great look is by adding chrome to those boring Lower Cowls. K and G Cycles ( is always searching for the coolest accessories for the Metric Motorcycle Enthusiast and we will often hit one out of the park.

Chrome-Gold-Wing-Cowl-BBP-5    Part # BBP-52-818 is this  Chrome ABS Lower Front Cowl that replaces the boring stock OEM plastic on the Honda GL1800 Gold Wing. This new lower front cowl will add an incredibly stylish flair and a brilliant chrome finish to your ride. It has reinforced tabs that deliver a stronger, more secure fit and will work with both OEM and some aftermarket Lower Fog Light kits. Installation is straight as this piece mounts directly to your motorcycle with the existing hardware.

   For those of you wanting to complete the look and and add some fog lights we have a few sets that will fit perfectly and let you become the “Beacon in the Night”. All you have to decide is if you want to utilize the brighter, longer life L.E.D. lights, or the standard Halogen set up with a blue lens option. Whatever option you choose, you get simple plug and play installation, and results that will thrill you. Not only will the addition of fog lights increase your ability to see oncoming hazards (i.e. animals, critters, children, uneven road surfaces) they will also help you be seen by others. Both aspects increase your safety and will bring more enjoyable travels via less stress.

   So when it comes time for you to personalize your ride, whether it is through chrome or auxiliary lighting, you can count on your friends at K and G Cycles ( to deliver the goods you need. Jump on line and see everything we have for the whole Gold Wing Family.