The Drifter Jacket and Chaps – Comfort, Fit, Function, and Style

 We all know part of riding a motorcycle is projecting an image. For most of us, we want to look like the coolest drifter or rebel nobody wants to approach. We also want our clothes to have that “lived in” look. Here at K and G Cycles ( we want to offer you everything you need to live the lifestyle.  Whether you ride solo or with a partner, there is no doubt you will want a pair of chaps and a jacket for your rides. Sure you could go for the traditional Black on Black, but let’s face it, you like to stand out from the crowd.  For that reason alone, I want to show you River Road’s Drifter Jacket and Chaps.

 Findindrifter-jacketsg the right jacket cane often turn into a daunting task. Does it fit right? Is it the right color? Is it made well? The Drifter Series from River Road proudly answers “Yes” to all those questions. No matter if you are a Man or a Woman, there is a jacket for you. What that also means is if you ride with a passenger, both of you can have great looking gear that matches. Both the Men’s and Women’s versions receive the same distressing so though not identical, they are very similar. Take a look at some of the great features of these unique jackets.

*Quality, medium-weight leather provides protection and comfort – Exactly what you are looking for in a jacket.
*The distressed finish (as in many miles) has a great look and feel – Gives you a look that separates you from the crowd.
*2 front chest intake combination vents/pockets and 2 vertical rear Exhaust vents keep you cool – This jacket is set up for your comfort and convenience.
*2 front, waist-level, on-seam zippered pockets to hold essentials – Quick accessible storage is at your disposal.
*The fully-sleeved, removable, insulated liner has a built-in pocket for most mobile devices – Allows you more riding on both ends of the season.
*1 zippered placket pocket allows easy access to important contents – Could they put any more storage in such a beautiful wrapper?
*Snap closure tab collar provides a secure fit – Keeps you snug as a bug in a rug.
*Includes 2-year manufacturers warranty – Who does that anymore? That is buying confidence.

 Well, you haDrifter-Chapsve seen the jacket, now lets take a look at the Chaps. By definition Chaps are sturdy coverings for the legs consisting of leggings and a belt. They are buckled on over trousers with the chaps’ integrated belt. Unlike trousers they have no seat and are not joined at the crotch. They are designed to provide protection for the legs and are usually made of leather or a leather-like material. They are most commonly associated with the Cowboy Culture of the American West or the Motorcycle Lifestyle and used as a protective garment. The Drifter Series Chaps offer up protection while keeping you stylish and set apart from others. Hand crafted from quality leathers, these chaps are feature laden just like the jacket

*Leg openings feature snap closures and heavy-duty full-length zippers – makes installation and removal easy.
*Nylon lining Covers to just below the knee – provides the you an additional layer that will not cling to your pants
*Includes 2-year manufacturers warranty – Again, you know it’s got to be good stuff if they are you a 2 year warranty.

 You see, it is possible to have it all. Good looks, outstanding protection, total comfort, a ton of storage, and matching Men and Women versions of the Drifter Jacket and Chaps by River Road.. Count on K and G Cycles ( to make your riding experience the most it can be.