The Final Piece in the Puzzle – A Load Equalizer

   You just finished installing your new L.E.D. turn signals and you can’t figure out why they are flashing fast. After going online, you figure it out and realize you need a Load Equalizer. We’ve all heard the phrase a hundred times, but what is a Load Equalizer, what does it do, and why do I need one? Well, my objective today is to educate you on the needs, necessity, and function of a load equalizer. At K and G Cycles ( we carry a large selection of Load Equalizers to handle almost any electrical need.

quad-load-EQ-BBP-13-3142   To help us understand the need for a load equalizer, we need to understand what happens when we install L.E.D. lighting on our motorcycle. On a motorcycle, the stock turn signal flasher is designed to flash twice as fast when one of the incandescent bulbs is burnt out. This happens when you switch to L.E.D. bulbs because they consume so little power. When the flasher sees a drop in the power being used, it believes a bulb is burnt out and goes into warning mode. Even though it is a brand new bulb, it will make the L.E.D. flash too fast or possibly not at all. This is where a load equalizer needs to be installed to adjust the electrical load, or equalize it so the system doesn’t see a phantom loss and the function returns to normal. Depending on your systems requirements there are different equalizers available with a range of amperage and resistance ratings. Due to electrical signal manipulation, some load equalizers can generate a considerable amount of heat and it is suggested not to use 4-way hazard lights. Since each application is different it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer of the equalizer or your local service center. Most load equalizers are straight forward units that are often plug and play, or simple cut and splice set ups reducing installation headaches.

   So you see, without a doubt using L.E.D. lighting will most assuredly require the use of a load equalizer. Depending on how many positions you have installed them in and the location itself will dictate the style and rating of the equalizer. Because of this, K and G Cycles (www, has a larger selection sure to fit your needs. I hope you have a better understanding of L.E.D. lighting and load equalizers now. Contact us today and install that L.E.D. lighting right the first time.