The Ins and Outs of Helmets

Choosing helmets can be a daunting task because there are so many suppliers out there. After wading through the good, the bad, and the ugly K and G Cycles chose a small group of outstanding helmet manufacturers to represent and Daytona Helmets is one of those. Offering you the full range of helmet designs, Daytona Helmets brings to the table competitively priced, good looking helmets.

daytona ff silver   The Daytona F1-BC helmet, great looks, great price, great helmet.The Shadow Full Face Helmet is full of the features you need and want when shopping for your next bucket. Weighing in at a scant 3.5 lbs, these full face models come in a variety of colors to match any bike or riding gear. Sure you may laugh now, but we all know we choose a helmet base on bike or gear color. For less than a $100 bill, look at everything you get with The Shadow helmet:

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – Keeps your noggin safe
  • Full Face Helmet With Removable, Washable Cheek Pads – for those times when Fabreeze just won’t cut it
  • Adjustable Chin And Forehead Ventilation – Air movement means you operate cooler
  • Anti-Scratch Shield (Replaceable) – resists a lot of airborn road debris
  • UV Clear Finish – Keeps it looking like new longer
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) – keeps a barrier between you and the liner, keeping it cleaner
  • Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – keeps the dust at bay when you aren’t riding

DC6-O   For those of you looking for something a little less confining, Daytona has the Cruiser 3/4 helmet. It seems the 3/4 helmet has been making a comeback and is very popular among touring passengers and retro/cafe/bobber owners. An old school looking helmet with all of today’s safety features built in, that still allows the wind in your face. The Cruiser comes in 3 beautiful colors – Gloss Black, Flat Black, and Gun Metal Grey so these are no frills models the get straight to the point.

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – A safe bucket
  • The Smallest D.O.T. 3/4 Shell Helmet Ever Made – Lighter weight and less neck strain
  • With Four Different Shell Sizes You’re Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit – Comfort
  • SoftTouch Dull Finish – Pretty
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) keeps the liner from getting all funky and stuff
  • Comes With A Gloss Black Bubble Visor (Valued At $4.95) – helps keep the sun out of your eyes
  • Also Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – Stays clean while you have it on the shelf

skullcapleather_8   Daytona also has available Half Helmets that range from a Basic Black Turtle Shell, a Lamb Hide Leather Skull Cap, and even a Carbon Fiber shell. Half Shells are often seen when people transition from a sport bike or enduro type motorcycle to a motorcycle that has a good sized windshield or fairing. They still want a helmet, but realize the windshield or fairing blocks a fair amount of wind and bugs. The Classic Leather model is a great looking helmet boasting great features.

  • Meets Or Exceeds D.O.T. Standards – A must for the roadways
  • The Smallest D.O.T. Half Shell Helmet Ever Made – Reduction in travel fatigue
  • With Four Different Shell Sizes You’re Sure To Get That Proportionate Fit – Big or Small one will fit your melon
  • 100% Leather – Quality craftsmanship
  • Daytona Helmets uses the finest Lamb Hide, imported from New Zealand – You are getting the best
  • Higher quality hides ensure a product that outlasts and outlooks the competitors – Your lid will be the envy of many
  • Comes With A Gloss Black Mini Scoop Visor (Valued At $4.95) – Pretty
  • Comes With A Free Head Wrap (Valued At $5.95) – Better keep the liner funk free
  • Also Comes With A Draw String Cloth Bag – easy to operate and reduces cleaning time

So you see, Daytona Helmets has a helmet for everyone, (kids, novelty, and non DOT approved helmets) and won’t make you choose the finance option when you go to purchase one. Quality and affordability are 2 words that usually don’t live in the same description, until now and that is why K and G Cycles has chosen to sell Daytona Helmets. We know that the more you save on parts and accessories, the more you get to spend on riding.