The Internet is Alive with Opinions Today – Biker Buildoff Results

Hey Gang! Just as we do every day here at K and G Cycles, we’re keeping our finger on the pulse of current motorcycle related news. We love bringing you, what we feel are the relevant topics important to our K and G Friends.

Today we have tons of online action as people send out their opinions of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly results of the American Chopper Live Biker Build-Off.

In case you’ve been too busy to check it out. Paul Jr. and his aviation inspired, over-sized, propeller-wheeled motorcycle took first place. You’re welcome to throw your comments up here, or on our Facebook Page too. We’d love to hear what our Gang, thinks about the shenanigans of the show.

One opinion that I’d like to express today, after visiting several chat-spaces online concerning the outcome is this: Today the internet is Alive with folks talking about Motorcycles! There are comments flooding the pages of anyone who is posting this story up. Everyone has an opinion! Everyone is Expressing their opinions. And it’s all about Bikes! Hooray!

Really, I get that the title of “World’s Best Builder” is absolute ridiculousness in relation to this “competition”. But hey, I do believe that our industry, lifestyle and love of motorcycles benefits when we’re a hot topic and people are out there engaging with each other and spending time talking about their love of bikes, “the way they should be” to them.

Love the show, or hate it, it is getting publicity. And as they say, “Any publicity, is good publicity.” So thanks to Discovery, for once again, giving the masses something to love, the hard-core something to hate, and the unaware a little taste of motorcycling in their otherwise vanilla days.