The Last Battery You’ll Need

   Have you ever had a day that you’ve gotten off work early, stepped outside and noticed it was 82 degrees, sunny, and it was only 1:30pm on Friday. Sounds like a great start to a great ride. Well it could have been if the battery on your motorcycle wasn’t dead.  You call your local dealership and find out an OEM replacement battery will set you back around $170 plus tax, and only comes with a 1 year warranty.  Before buying your next motorcycle battery, why not check out some of the great batteries from Earth-X that are offered here at K and G Cycles.   I am sure, like us, you will be surprised to discover a Lithium battery that offers more features and benefits, along with an industry leading warranty.

   earth x ETX12AEarth-X Lithium batteries come with a 2 year non-prorated warranty. That is 1 year (another riding season) longer than the competitors. They offer approximately 70%-80% weight reduction over your traditional lead acid/AGM battery, extreme temperature operating range, and a LONG service life of roughly 2000 charge/discharge cycles. In addition these batteries offer a longer storage life so in the off season they don’t need to be charged. If you do discharge them, they only need about an hour to fully recharge. Lithium batteries need to have each cell monitored, balanced, and charged, and most manufacturers require you to purchase a separate balancing charger that you have to plug in to do this. Earth-X has an on board microprocessor management system that handles all that. The system monitors each cell, balances the charge, and keeps the cells from overcharging or over dis-charging. This keeps your battery more stable, giving you longer battery life, even more cranking power. Even with all that inner technical wizardry going on, they are environmentally friendly.

  earthx in the boxSo in comparison, the competitors OEM replacement is $170 plus tax with a 1 year warranty, and requires constant monitoring, while the Earth-X replacement with a 2 year warranty starts out at $239, comes with the on board management system, shaves weight, and is “Green”. If you are looking to replace or upgrade your battery, an Earth-X Lithium battery from K and G Cycles  is an excellent choice that is light on weight, heavy on features, is tough enough to offer twice the warranty, and doesn’t require add on purchases.

 Don’t forget to stop in and see these batteries for yourself at the booth located in the heart of K and G Cycles Thunder Alley at Daytona Speedway.