The Lighting of the Future Today – L.E.D. Conversions

   Whether or not you know, on page 672 in every Motorcycle Owners Manual there is a written rule we must replace, upgrade, or modify our motorcycle in some way shape or form. For me, one of the upgrades with the biggest return is Turn Signal upgrades. Now you can make yourself more visible to the others on the road with L.E.D. turn signals available at K and G Cycles (

green bike leds BBP-10-1503    When we make the upgrade to Amber L.E.D. Turn Signal Conversion Kits they provide a unique honeycomb clear lens to the OEM turn signals. L.E.D.s are brighter than stock lights, providing added safety.  The L.E.D. circuit boards plug into OEM bulb socket replacing the stock bulb. Each L.E.D. circuit board has a polished chrome face plate to enhance illumination. Due to the decreased electrical load,  these kits require load equalizers to return turn signal to the stock flash rate. For your convenience the Turn Signal Conversion Kit mounts with OEM screws. Depending on your model, these Conversion Kits incorporate 36 or 42 bright LED’s per set, enhancing visibility and safety. L.E.D.’s are known for their long useful life and draw less power. Something often overlooked is that to truly get the true visual effect of L.E.D.’s the beveling style of the lens needs to be designed to distribute the light from the L.E.D.’s to get the full benefit. All of the kits have custom designed lenses to enhance illumination and even meet European approvals. The L.E.D. circuit boards have chrome backers that enhance illumination. This, combined with custom lenses designed to replace OEM ones grant multiple fitments for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha motorcycles. All units come with amber L.E.D.’s and clear lenses that have matched for either front or rear turn signal applications.

  Since they are virtually plug and play upgrades, the conversion is fairly simple. Contact the Pros at K and G Cycles ( and bring a little more light to the road. L.E.D. lights are the future, as they last longer, use less energy, and project brighter light. Upgrade now and get out of the past.