The Open Road Calls, Bean’re Answers

The quest for thbean're on bikee open road is what so many of us dream about but rarely conquer. Our only option is to live vicariously through those fortunate enough to have lived the dream. A friend of K and G Cycles ( Bean’re is one of the few lucky enough to have lived it and still is living it. From atop a modified 1997 Harley-Davidson FLHP (Police issue Road King) Bean’re has traveled the world and made countless friendships along the way. Bean’re is one of the last American Nomads. He makes his own rules and travels to and from on his own schedule. The to and from usually involves motorcycle events, like Sturgis and Daytona. His mode of travel is his well worn Harley with over well over 200,000 miles on the odometer. With his long pony-tail and tall top hat, Bean’re looks like the original drug fiend. It turns out, however, that Bean’re is straight and sober, and has been for over 23 years. Bean’re — Motorcycle Nomad – is both a non-fiction story of a life-long adventure, and an inspirational tale. If anyone in this world is free, truly free, that someone is Bean’re. Free from the 40 hour grind. Free from the credit card bills and mortgage payments that dog the rest of us. Free from dependence on drugs and alcohol.Though it might seem that Bean’re has nothing, it turns out he has a wealth of the things that are truly important. Things like friends in all 50 states and all over the world. Those friends include the well known and obscure, and both have contributed to this book with testimonials and simple stories about Bean?re. With his status as a cult celebrity in the motorcycle world, Bean’re is often the subject of photos taken at various events. And it’s these photos that fill the center of this book.In addition to travel tales and testimonials, this new book includes tips on everything from breaking free of the daily grind, to learning how to live without chemicals. There’s even a chapter on Bean’res motorcycle travel tips: How to pack light, pass up the motels, keep an old bike on the road, and deal with the inevitable hassle of storms and breakdowns. For those who already count Bean’re as a friend, this new book will bring a smile to their face. Those who don’t know him will feel like they do after reading the narrative account of one man who gave it all up and gained a great deal along the way.

K and G Cycbean're bookles ( is proud to announce Bean’re will be having a book signing at The K and G Cycles Booth, located in K and G Cycles Thunder Alley at The Daytona Speedway during Daytona Bike Week. So if you’d like to meet Bean’re and get one of his books “Bean’re Motorcycle Nomad” autographed, come see during the rally. Living the dream is what we’d all like to do, but when we can’t we turn to others stories. Bean’res travel tales will put you there next to him, riding the stories with him.