The possibilities are endless with a Custom Stainless Windshield

   Has it ever occurred to you your “Custom” Accessory may not be so custom after all? Well that is about to change! Recently K and G Cycles ( partnered with Bores Manufacturing to bring to you what we think is one of the hottest new accessories since the Fall of The Berlin Wall. With everyone replacing the windshield in favor of a shorter one, a flip one, one with a design on it and so on, we are going to take it a bit further. Bores Mfg. is making motorcycle windshields for Batwing Fairing H-D’s out of 304 Stainless Steel. I know you are saying, “Stainless? Really?” Yep.

   Polished to a mirror likBR-Stainlesse finish, this new design windshield is on the shorter side of things. Coming in at 4.5″ above the top of the outer fairing, you shouldn’t expect a large amount of wind deflection. This is in part because the windshields have to remain short as they are not see though and any increased height could impair visibility.What you can expect is a large amount of admirers wanting to know where you got such a killer windshield. If the beautiful plain finish isn’t enough, take note you can purchase 3 additional designs.

1) A winged skull design

2) A slick tribal pinstriped design

3) A Standing Eagle design

stainless windshield   For those of you seeking to widen the margin between you and the other guy, you can even have custom custom logos cut for a an additional fee. This is great for Clubs, Charity Rides, or Ride Groups that want to be recognized. How cool would it be to pull up on your pride and joy to your next ride and set the bar with a custom windshield sporting a custom logo. The possibilities are endless – Family Crest, Heritage Icons, Patriotic Symbols, Sports Logos, you name it, you can have the design on your new custom windshield.

  In a world of clones, we do what we can to be different. A little more chrome here, some sweet wheels there, custom pin striping, and effect lighting still doesn’t guarantee us a unique ride. We have to search out the truly unique accessories that will take our bike over the top. At K and G Cycles ( we believe personalizing your motorcycle is as much a part of owning it as is fueling and maintenance. Add a real custom touch with one of these stainless steel windshield from Bores Mfg, available from K and G Cycles.