The Puzzle of the Missing Heat Shield

  I have always wondered why the Big Guys in Milwaukee never finished the exhaust on the touring bikes. What I am referring to is the space between the heat shields that shows the actual head pipe. Having recently purchased an Electra Glide Classic, I am even more aware this situation and have found a cure that doesn’t entail replacing the entire exhaust system. Since I work here at K and G Cycles I have access to all the parts I can handle, and then some, so it was pretty easy to find the solution to my concern. Kuryakyn makes what they call the Bridge The Gap Heat Shield.

  The Bridge TKuryakyn Heat Shield Bridge TR-496986he Gap Heat Shield is designed to fill the space between the stock exhaust heat shields on the Touring Family bikes from H-D made from 1993 – 2007. This piece is an exact fit that covers the ugly exposed section of head pipe on stock exhaust set ups. With the popularity of Slip-Ons these days (which my bike happens to have) it is no wonder somebody designed a cover to hide that section of exhaust, and let that company be Kuryakyn. Long known for their incredible chroming process and near OEM fit, the team of Engineers responsible for this heat shield knocked it out of the park. For less than the price of a couple of cold ones at the Ball Park, you can give your motorcycle a finished look and hide that unsightly portion of head pipe that Harley failed to cover.

 The Bridge The Gap Heat Shield, a long overdue accessory piece needed for the American V-twin Touring Market, is available at K and G Cycles. Covering up that unsightly exhaust head pipe with a perfect fit, chrome slathered filler piece achieves the look that should have come on the bike. Install this custom fit heat shield and be the example everyone follows.