The Road Less Traveled

Part of owning a motorroad less traveledcycle is finding the road less traveled and the secret spots along the way. Heading out with a group of friends and taking the long way to get there hasĀ  lead to some of the greatest memories I have. Being in Southern Indiana there are a large number of back road tours that will get you there, but allow you to see some amazing sights along the way. We are also fortunate enough to be a short distance from many more beautiful rides all year long. Every season offers so many different treasures that you just can’t get while riding in a car or truck.

*Spring brings us the rebirth of plant life and reawakens our senses to fresh cut grass, new buds on the trees, fresh new flowers, and fresh air.

*Summer lets us enjoy warm weather, the fields that have been planted and blowing in the breeze, eating outdoors at the little cafe’s, and long days that make the rides more enjoyable.

*Fall brings us cooler temps but also grants us admission into the largest art show there is. Everyday the scenery changes offering endless photo opportunities. Festivals are abound and the orchards offer up tasty treats you won’t want to miss. Burning leaves and bonfires signal the close of riding season for most of us, but for the lucky ones, it’s not over yet.

Winter often brings frigid cold and snow to halt riding for the masses, however for those fortunate to live in the south and southwest riding is almost a year round sport. For those of us that reside in the areas that have 4 seasons, any day between December and March that has sunshine, clear roads, and tolerable temps is a chance to get out and ride. We appreciate those days when we aren’t supposed to be able to ride and enjoy them a little bit more.

Taking the road less traveled offers us a great amount of mental benefits also. Getting out and seeing everything Mother Nature has to offer during the different seasons of the year make us appreciate what we have, giving us the opportunity to relax as we take it all in. Everyone here at K and G Cycles( hopes you have the chance to ride through the seasons and build many fond memories with every bend i