The Safest way to Protect Your Ride – A GPS Tracking Unit

   With the economic uncertainty today, we have seen the number of motor vehicle thefts rise. You could install an alarm on your vehicle, but with a desensitized as we have become to them, we simply ignore them. What we really need is a location device that tells us where those dirty so and so’s have taken our stuff. K and G Cycles ( has searched high and low to bring you just what you are looking for. The FIN (Find It Now) Security System.

  Sure you are going FIN_Logo_GPS_2009to say, “What makes this any different from all the alarms out there?” Well to begin with it isn’t just an alarm. The FIN (Find It Now) Security System is designed exclusively for motorcycles and the power sports industry in general and uses exclusive GPS tracking to locate your vehicle if it is ever stolen. Made by riders for riders, these units are manufactured here in the U.S.A. by a company that is owned and operated by veterans. Because of its long list of features and benefits, it is the premiere security unit available for motorcycles.

• ALERT… If the Bike is moved, the Owner will receive a Text message and/or Email Alert

• LOCATE… In the event of a theft, the Owner and/or the FIN Tracking Center can immediately TRACK and LOCATE the Bike.

• RECOVER… After locating the Bike, the Owner and/or the FIN Tracking Center can interface with the Police to quickly RECOVER the Bike.

How It WShark-ART_faceleft_GPS.jpgorks Details:

• FIN Locate – You can locate the FIN equipped vehicle from any computer, smart phone or tablet that connects to the internet.

• Auto-Report – Once daily FIN will report it’s location if there has been no other activity.

• Boundary Notification – Settings allowing the Owner to position multiple perimeter notifications. If the boundary is entered or exited, the Owner will receive notification.

• Speedy Alert – will notify the owner if the Bike is going over the preset speed.

• FIN Virtual Odometer – will accumulate mileage and/or the run time of the vehicle and through our proprietary software will then send scheduled Service Notifications to the Owner, advising them to return to their dealer for service.

• Power Management – FIN draws less than 1MA in Sleep Mode

• Low Battery Alert – When the Bike battery drops below the prescribed safe level, Text and Email notification Alerts will be sent.

• Battery Tamper Alert – If the power is out to the Bike or the FIN unit, a Text and Email alert will be sent.

• Battery Back-Up – In the event a thief cuts the main battery cable, FIN’s back-up battery will take over so you or the FIN Tracking Center can continue to locate your bike.

• Easy Installation – This small unit is a very easy do-it-yourself install or you can have any car alarm/stereo shop install it. Plus it is small and can be easily hidden on your motorcycle, is water resistant (also used on boats and PWCs) and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

• Coverage – FIN Coverage Area includes all of North America – U.S., Canada, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands!

  K and G Cycles ( doesn’t want your bike to become a statistic. Installation of The Fin Security System will aid you and Law Enforcement in the immediate return of your motorcycle should it ever be taken. Here is a list of frequently asked questions about The FIN, and below you will see feature comparisons with the highly popular “Lo-Jack” tracking system. Take a look for yourself and see the advantages of The FIN Security System. 

*For Security Purposes, no product images shall be revealed as they would enable thieves.*

FIN® and LoJack® Comparison
  FIN® LoJack®
Will it alert right away if my bike is moved? YES See Below*
Am I able to track my bike on the Internet in real time? YES NO
Will I be notified right away if my bike is stolen? YES See Below*
Can I track my bike as soon as it is stolen? YES NO
Is there early warning protection at install? YES NO
Is there nationwide coverage? YES NO
Can I view a history of where my bike has been? YES NO
Can I set a boundary alert (GEO Fence)? YES NO
Can I set a max speed notification? YES NO
Will I get an alert of my battery is low? YES NO
Will I be notified if the bike power has been disconnected? YES NO
Is it transferable to another bike? YES NO
Is it water resistant? YES YES
Do I need to file a police report to start the process? NO YES
Do police forces need special equipment for it to work? NO YES
Does my bike need to be registered? NO YES

* Obtained from LoJack® owners manual, 9/10/11:

“Typically, you are notified within 15-30 minutes after your

motorcycle begins moving without the Key Pass. However,

this time may vary depending on your coverage area, but

should not exceed one hour.”