The Standard in Cleaning Supplies. Do you have them at home?

   Sitting somcleaning suppliesewhere in the garage is a special section for our motorcycle cleaning supplies. In most cases it starts out as a spot to store automotive cleaning supplies as well as motorcycle supplies. As time goes on and we become more educated to the “do’s and don’ts” of motorcycle cleaning, we segregate our cleaning products so there is no confusion as to what products are for automobiles and what products are for motorcycles. During that process we also weed out the products that we do not like, or simply do not live up to their claims. K and G Cycles ( will try and provide a a short cut to setting up you stock pile of cleaning supplies so minimize the non-users.

luster-lace-bike-wash  To start with we are going to highlight a product you can use to wet wash your bike. I know this is a hot topic within itself because one side believes there should never be a drop of water on the bike, yet there are others that feel a bubble bath is the only real way to clean a bike. I am not here to say who is right or wrong, but rather to give suggestions for the style of “bath” they prefer to give their bike. For you hose and bucket types,Part # 05238 is Luster Lace Bike Wash, an outstanding formula that was specifically formulated to easily cut dirt and road grime, and produces an ultra-rich lather that is great for all surfaces. The advanced formula also promotes gentle sheeting for decreased water spotting. The other is Luster Instant Detailer Part # 05237. Luster Detailer easily lifts dust, bugs, tree sap, light road film, water spots, and bird droppings from painted surfaces, chrome, fiberglass, plastic and glass. Formulated to clean without scratching, it leaves a smooth, slick, deep shine with a protective water repellent coat. So whether you wet clean or dry clean, there are great products available.

For those of you that simichromehave been around motorcycles, help the newbies out and let them know when it comes to cleaning, shining, and protecting metals, Simichrome Polishing Paste(Part # 05235) is the only polishing paste you need. Hailed as “The most versatile polishing paste on the market” Simichrome polishes aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, plastics, cadmium and most metals associated with motorcycling. It can also be used for removing light scratches from face shields and goggles.

EZ Towel 05601  Cleaning supplies doesn’t always refer to the cleaning chemicals themselves. They can be the hose, the bucket, air dryer, or even towels. As we grow older and our toys become more expensive and often carry sentimental value, we understand the need for good quality detailing products. Gone are the ripped t-shirts, old socks, and so on, because we now know a good towel is as important as knowing never to use Windex on the windscreen. Part#05601 is a 50 count bag of compact disposable detailing cloths. Compressed into a tablet measuring 3/8″ x 5/8″ of an inch, you add water and they grow to 8″x 13″. These towels are designed for compact portability and even come with a plastic sleeve that will hold 10 tablets so you have them at the ready in your windshield pouch, saddlebags, or tour pack. Great for polishing and detailing as well as for applying waxes and polishes.

So there you have it, 4 of the top Cleaning Supplies every motorcycle owner should have in their garage or at least we think so. All of these fine products are available from K and G Cycles ( at everyday low prices so get yours now before the season starts and see how much easier keeping the bike clean can be.