The Ultimate Goal – Personalize the Sportster!

   Motorcycle owners know it is about adding chrome to our rides to give them our own personal touch. Sportster Owners are no different, and K and G Cycles ( know this. That is why we carry a wide range of Chrome accessories for H-D’s venerable XL models. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the “Bling” you are about to receive.

   As we begin our jo06 and up xl primary cover 43-0285urney to “Chromervana” we start with this Chrome Outer Primary Cover (Part # 43-0285). When it has come time to transform our bikes into the rolling work of art, there is no better place to start than removing the polished pieces and replace them with Chrome. The Outer Primary takes up a lot of real estate and deserves to be Chrome instead of the factory polished finish that will dull over time. Perma Brand, the maker of this cover, is widely known for outstanding detail and workmanship, as well as budget friendly prices. Straight forward installation makes this an easy weekend upgrade that will give your Sportster a whole new look. Fits 2006 and newer Harley-Davidson Sportster models.

   Continuing, we Chrome Cam cover 42-0933  move next to the opposite side of the bike to yet another big piece of polished nastiness. Part # 42-0933 is a Chrome Cam cover that merely bolts over the stock cover using the existing hardware. Since this is a cover, the modification is simplified because you don’t have to disassemble anything, you remove the bolts, slide the new cover over it, and reinstall the retainers. You see, improving the look of your Sportster does not have to be expensive or difficult, you just have to know what parts to choose.

   Lastly, I wanxl rear pulley and belt cover 27-0619  t to shift towards the rear of the bike and add some Chrome covers to the pulley and belt drive (Part # 27-0619). Again, one of the simplest, most cost effective way to customize your Sportster is to install Chrome covers. Probably one of the dullest areas on any bike is the rear section of the bike, i.e. the pulley and belt drive area. This no longer has to be the case when you install this Chrome kit that has everything you need to shine up the rear end. This project will require a little more time than the previously mention accessory installs due to the rear wheel needing to be removed, but what better way to spend a few hours with your kid or a buddy.

   K and G Cycles ( wants to be your source for all your motorcycle parts and accessories. Contact us today and see how we can help you transform that average looking Sportster into a two-wheeled Chrome sculpture whose exhibit is the open road.