These Little Lights of Mine, They’re gonna really shine!

We have all come to realize one of our greatest defenses on the road is more lights. I don’t mean you need to be glowing like a veteran worker at Nuclear Power Plant, but adding additional lighting certainly makes us more visible. K and G Cycles ( is always looking out for ways to improve rider safety and auxiliary lighting is the easiest way we know how.

The lights I am going to focus on today is a kit that combines our popular, bright 50 watt halogen die cast driving lights with new a 2 piece fork clamp. This kit gives a great custom look to those bike that have forks that range from 39mm to 41mm’s. Motorcycles such as Honda’s VT1300 Sabre, Stateline and Interstate, Kawasaki’s VN900 or Yamaha’s VStar 650/1100 all benefit from this application. The 50 watt halogen lights are amazingly bright and have fully adjustable bezels that allow these lights to be mounted at multiple angles. Utilizing 8mm mounting studs, precise aiming and adjustment just got a whole lot easier. Each kit contains the following:

33-0907-01(2) clamps

(2) lights

(1) wire harness

(1) switch

(1) relay (to protect the bikes circuitry)

With a little knowledge and a bit of patience, the installation of these lights is relatively simple. Thanks in part to the thorough instructions that include very descriptive text, top notch diagrams, and easy to follow wiring schematics. At K and G Cycles ( we strive to find you quality parts and accessories that are of the highest quality, fairest pricing, and deliver the greatest amount of satisfaction available. We feel these mini halogen lights will increase your visual footprint and aid in keeping you free of on coming hazards. Contact us today to order up a set of these 50 watt driving lights, and discover just how bright your world can be.