Throw Over more Storage with Saddlebags

What do we do when we don’t have enough storage on our bikes? We turn to K and G Cycles ( for optional luggage such as Saddlebags to carry the gear we need. Saddlebags are available in different forms and configurations such as soft sided, hard bags, rigid mount and detachable, my focus today is the Throw Over Bags which are soft sided technically detachable bags.

Throw Over Bags athrow over bagsre exactly as the name implies РSaddlebags that are placed over the rear seat or fender or installed under the seat when a more secure attachment is desired. To accommodate the lower hanging position when mounted under the seat, the yoke (the part where both saddlebags are laced together) can be adjusted by how you lace the yoke and its position on the fender.  Available  in different sizes and having many different facades to choose from. Whether you like plain leather, fringe, conchos, or some other design, leather (or synthetic) throw over saddlebags offer you increased storage with the versatility of a removable bag.

When you decide it’s time to purchase additional storage, but don’t want to make it a permanent part of your bike contact K and G Cycles ( and pick up a set of Throw Over Saddlebags for your ride, and have a place to stash stuff when you need.